Sunday, January 30, 2005

Intel, India, Broadband

Intel made some sort of deal with the Indian government for broadband in November 2004, but there are still no details available.

Here, at any rate, is what Intel says about the general opportunity. More when I know more.

[PDF]WiMAX in India: Opening New Frontiers Through Broadband ...
Technology @ Intel Magazine
WiMAX in India: Opening New Frontiers Through Broadband Connectivity ...

This document mentions a number of initiatives in several countries. Here are just two.

“India is already testing the e-Governance idea in pilot programs aimed at bringing local government services to people through Internet access. E-seva is one such initiative, created by the Andhra Pradesh government to provide its citizens with online services such as obtaining birth certificates and various licenses, payment of utility bills and taxes, ticket reservations for transportation services, and listings of government orders and policies.”

“Gramdoot is a similar initiative by the Rajasthan government. The states of Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala also have several Internet-based services and literacy programs. Broader Internet adoption driven by cost-effective technologies like WiMAX can speed and extend the reach of government services at a reduced cost to both the people and the government.”

We have previously heard that Andhra Pradesh has signed a contract with an industry consortium to bring fiber optics to every one of its villages, with 2Mbps broadband promised at Rs100 per month (about US$2.30). I'm paying a lot more than that for about a fifth of that bandwidth here in Silicon Valley.
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