Wednesday, November 19, 2003

You Can Help

Everybody involved in aiding the poor, whether in developing countries or even in the US, needs to understand the battle between Micro$oft and Free Software, and why the Free Software movement creates better quality products.

Go to a Linux User Group meeting or a Linux install fest. You can put Linux on your computer without removing Windows.

Mac OS X users already have FreeBSD Unix and just need to install X Windows. FreeBSD is just as good as Linux, and some say better.

Try out Open Office (on Windows, if that's what you use), and see whether you really need Microsoft Office or Windows at all, and in particular whether you need to go on paying for Windows every few years.

Get your neighborhood school to try Linux and free Open Source textbooks. The User Groups would be delighted to install Linux in any school and provide basic Linux training for teachers.

We are going to set up sister-school relationships between the developed and developing parts of the world. We also plan to link to orphanages, refugee camps, and other suitable places.

Talk to your employer about Free Software. Talk to your church, mosque, synagogue, temple... Talk to any non-profit organizations you belong to.

Talk to me.

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