Saturday, July 12, 2003

Elevator Speech

I have been practicing this, and I thoulght that others might find it helpful in case somebody wants a quick verson of the Simputer story. It takes less than 30 seconds to say, so you really can get the essential points in if somebody asks you on an elevator.

Hi, I'm Ed Cherlin, the Evangelist for the Simputer from Encore Technologies. We offer handheld computers that poor and illiterate people can afford and can use to get on the Internet even without access to power lines and telephone service. The technologies to support this include text-to-speech software for languages of India and elsewhere, solar-powered battery chargers, and wireless communications. Although poor people can't afford Simputers for their individual use, a village can buy one to share. We also sell Simputers for enterprise applications, and plan to offer other Simputer products including low-cost, low-power servers, wearable computers, tablet computers, and controller boards for embedded systems. You can find out more at Simputerland.com.
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