Saturday, June 21, 2003

ISPaidkit a la mode de Baghdad

Suitable for any emergency occasion, such as earthquake, fire, flood, storm, or recently ended war, where power and telephone systems are down.
Preparation time: one to two weeks
Serves several million.


1 satellite Internet dish
2 Simputer servers
1 omnidirectional wireless receiver/transmitter
3 desktop computers
1 diesel UPS
100 wireless receiver/transmitters
100 WiFi HotSpots
100 solar power supplies
2000 Simputers with WiFi
200,000 SmartCards
Local liaison
Installation crew
Web designer
Content creators fluent in local languages


Rent space in tallest available centrally-located building.
Get permission from 100 local sites to install wireless gear and 20 Simputers each. These can be schools, libraries, government offices, churches, mosques, or any other location offering public access.
Deal with legal permissions (import permits, visas, licenses, etc.)
Send people and equipment to site of emergency
Hire locals as security guards.
Set up information Web site for emergency information, and emergency mailing lists.
Open Internet service to public, NGOs, government, and press, offering Web browsing, e-mail accounts, file transfer, Web hosting, blogging, and other services.
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